Boiling Pan


  • S/S 304 Top 1.5mm.
  • S/S 304 Body 1.2mm.
  • S/S 304 1.8mm Lid.
  • S/S 304 2mmTank.
  • High Efficient Burners.
  • Italian valve Assembly.
  • EGO Germany Thermostat
  • Danfoss Denmark Solenoid valve.
  • S/S 304 legs. o S/S 316 handle drain valve.
  • Imported Timer and burner.
  • S/S handles for lid.


For preparing all kinds of soups and stew Hatimi Engineering Work’s commercial boiling pan is ideal. Boiling pans adds convenience to you cooking staff and increases the productivity levels and add value to your business. We are is  a provider of best quality and reliable products for your commercial kitchen. For more info on this quality product contact us.


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