VITO Digital Oil Tester

How will my restaurant benefit from digital oil testing?

  1. Create a Reliable and Repeatable Standard
    Gauging when to change your oil is totally subjective and unreliable, it is for certain a guess. For example it does not take into account things like spices which can “stain” the oil as soon as they enter the fryer. Brand new oil can be dark in hours leading to premature change intervals. Measuring the accumlated T.P.M. (Total Polar Materials) is the most accurate way to know the true “health” of your oil from a chemical standpoint.
  2. Programable Stoplight Feature Keeps it Simple
    The VITO® Oil Tester is programmable to your desired disposal point. You can set the reading at which the display turns Amber and Red indicating when oil is near or ready to be replaced. Staff only need to understand that the oil stays in use until the tool turnes Red.
  3. It Simply Saves Money Changing a fryer days early or late both have negative effects on your bottom line. Serving the best looking and tasting foods while not throwing out perfectly good oil are keys to profitablilty. By removing the guesswork the VITO® Oil Tester ensures you squeeze every dollar possible from your fryers by changing them at the precise time they are exhausted.


The Oil Tester is an amazing battery operated tool designed to quickly measure the health of the oil in your fryer which dictates when to replace it. To order the best quality genuine commercial kitchen products contact us or email us.


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