Food Processing Equipment supplier in Pakistan

Hatmi Engineering standout to be the most trusted name in Equipment used in food processing.  It also offers Customized Solution that highlights; bread slicer, candy floss machines, cold juice dispenser, waffle cone machine, conveyor toaster, display warmer, electrical crepe maker, hot chocolate dispenser, hot dog roller, ice crusher, hot griddle, milk shaker, petty maker, panini grill, popcorn cart, potato cutter,  rinsing shower, soundproof juicer blender, soup kettle, spicy grinder, spiral potato cutter, table top fryer, toaster, tomato slicer, triple tank deep fryer.

 All our equipment meets the need for the Food Industry and food product applications ranging from dairy products to bakery goods, processed foods and beverages. From restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens, we serve equipment of types and all kinds that meet the demand of the food industry. We stock a wide range of food processing equipment that would help firms to execute their different operations necessary during the process and cycle, such as washing, mixing, separating, freezing, baking and sealing.  We offer nothing less than the quality and standard products that meet the hygienic and international food processing standards, like sizing, cost, analytical components, hygiene features, and automation process.

We group our equipment with various functions likely; Preparation, Mechanical processing, Heat processing, Preservation, Packaging etc.

At Hatmi we value clients and their need and we deliver each equipment that complies universal standards.

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