Deck Oven


  • Manual Control Panel
  • Taiwan Temperature Controller
  • Good Heat Insulation
  • Built-In Exhaust System.

Have you recently introduced pizza into your restaurant or café’s menu? If you’ve got it’s time for you to make investment in a highly efficient Three-Deck Pizza Oven which will allow you to fulfill the demand for this new item. Since pizza is that the heart of any restaurant’s menu, you can’t compromise on the standard of the pizza you serve to your customers. Since you almost certainly have amazing recipes in mind already, investing within the best oven are going to be the last step in maximizing your sales. Hatimi Engineering will serve your customers with the best. Whether you own a restaurant or a cafeteria, choose our high-quality pizza oven.

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Best in class commercial deck oven for cooking the best pizza in town. Contact Hatimi Engineering Works for more details and pricing.


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